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The real estate sector is very important and comes at the beginning of the first steps you take to change your life. Buying houses, buying land or real estate is serious business and requires trust. We have progressed with confidence in this service sector with 19 years experienced and customer focused satisfaction and equipped team that will enable you to own property as well.

Nazar emlak is the first name that comes to mind when real estate is in Alanya with 19 years experience in Alanya. Nazar real estate provides you with a quick and profitable result in your purchase and sale of real estate such as renting, consultancy, investment consultancy, house for sale, land in Alanya area.

Nazar Emlak Hasan CEVKİROĞLU Since 2001, the real estate sector of Alanya has been successfully operating with high portfolio of customer satisfaction in the real estate business such as house, plot, workplace. Antalya Region 2011 Finansbank real estate offices received the award and the most successful real estate was selected. When Property is Found in Alanya, Nazar Emlak!

Nazar Emlak is at your service if you want to work with a professional and specialist company in your real estate investments which guides your business and every step is very vital. We are waiting for you in Alanya to buy real estate, to make sure you get the real value of your rentals. As a result of our company's professional work, you will see the difference in working with us in our support of interest rates in our credit sales with our dealers.

We offer a healthy trade quickly by bringing the most appropriate options from your internet site to your feet. You can visit our site for all your real estate demands and quests for Alanya and you can reach your real estate needs in Alanya fast and with high satisfaction. You can sell or rent your land, business, home, villa real estate you want to sell or rent on our site quickly and at the desired value by offering it to the buyer.

Nazar Emlak was chosen as the most successful real estate agent of 2011.

Hasan Cevkiroğlu, the owner of Alanya Nazar Emlak, received the 2010-2011 real estate offices award, organized by Finansbank. Cevkiroğlu, who was chosen by Finansbank as the most successful real estate agent in the region, received the award of the Crown at the Crown Hotel in Ankara. Cevkiroğlu said that the sale of real estate in Alanya will be moving in the first months of 2012 as well, due to the decrease in the sales of the credited houses in the last quarter of 2011 and the increase in the required reserve ratios of the banks.

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