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Documents Required for Deed Processing:


1. Photo

2. Population wallet is original

3. Tax No.

4. Earthquake insurance photocopy

5. TC identity number


1. Photo

2. Population wallet is original

3. Tax No.

4. TR identity number

If the applicant is ready for the title office (together with the requested information and documentation), it is possible to complete the proceedings more quickly. The methods, documents and procedures to be followed in the application are;

You must apply to the Land Registry Office directly or through your legal representative. If at least one of the parties is illiterate with two witnesses, if he / she has a hearing impairment or if he / she does not speak Turkish, then two witnesses along with a sworn translator.

The deeds to be used in title deeds must be arranged and photographed as necessary. (photographs can not be stapled with wire staples and can not be photocopied) You must sign documents at the land registry offices. In a matter of doubt, you are in trouble; you should sign with the officer or manager in charge to resolve the hesitation.

If the transaction is a company that is subject to the Turkish Commercial Code, you must apply from the commercial registry office where the headquarters is located, along with the authorization certificate and signature circulars obtained in the transaction year (original or notarized).

In all transactions the parties to the transaction are T.C. present your identification number and tax identification number as proof. In cases where legal entities are parties to the transaction, the tax number of the company must be disclosed to the authorized representative of the company by T.C. please provide your ID number.

Present the photographs of the last six months in two 6x4 houses belonging to the transferring area of ​​the transferring property of the property of the immovable property under the contracted process, and the photograph of the same qualification of the representative if the transaction is done by proxy.

If one of the heirs is registered as a joint ownership (joint ownership), if you are registered in the name of the beneficiary of the immovable registered in the name of your municipality, you must submit the inheritance certificate obtained from the legal rights of the heirs in addition to the above mentioned documents.

If you are requesting the registration of the immovable property registered in the name of Murisiniz together with the taxation between the heirs or the establishment of the same and personal rights upon the registration of the immovable property or the third persons, the above mentioned documents, besides the inheritance and transfer tax relation which is taken from the tax office where the last residence of Murisin is located, You must submit the original. If you do not want to build a level easement for the building that you will build on your land property, Identification documents of the owners (population / passport), tax and T.C. you should submit a management plan with a list of independent sections certified by the notary public (which can be written in this list), showing identification numbers, two photographs, a general construction project certified by the municipality, floor, no, qualifications if there are independent sections, land shares and property.

If you want to convert the ownership of your immovable property to a floor property, you will firstly apply to the cadastral directorates by application and show the side façades of the building at the front and rear of the building, as well as the documents specified in (J) at least 13x18 cm size certified photos of the municipality and all independent sections of the building permit documents.

If your immovable property is domiciled or residential, you must submit the policy for the compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK) if there are independent sections with residential properties.

After sales services:

Municipal Property Declaration Upon receipt of a deed, a property tax return is filled in the municipality for a paid property tax. Calculated according to real estate in Turkey where the property tax is very low and size and found a figure that can be paid in two installments.

Construction Permit (inhabited) by the Republic of Turkey laws in the new building, about living licenses to be prepared by the municipality gereklidir.b permit subsequent electricity and water subscription yapılabilmektedir.otur license taken by the real estate residence permit Contractors that alınmaktadır.al once for each building is a repeat no action is required.

It is necessary to apply to TEDAS with serial number of land register for photocopy of electricity, identity photocopy, neighboring subscriber number and electricity meter. Subscribing process is completed within the same day. NAZAR Real Estate staff will assist you in your subscription process.

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